• Monday, 13 May, 2024 11:25:PM

    The BJP, after dividing Shiv Sena with their tactics and policies, was sure that all cadre of Shiv Sena will follow Eknath Shinde and the party will have the upper hand in Maharashtra politics, the source says. But the outcome was not as expected, all cadre remained loyal to the Thackeray family and only leaders switched over to the other side due to obvious reasons source says. BJP leadership then thought to take the help of Thackeray's surname and convinced the cousin of Uddhav Thackeray to join hands source says. Raj Thackeray came to Delhi and met the top brass of the party and the deal was sealed with all fans and fare in all media and social media a source says. Initially, Eknath Shinde helped Raj Thackeray as directed by the party's high command but slowly the enthusiasm was lost and Raj Thackeray probably thought cheated and confined himself to his house source says. In this crucial moment when the BJP needed his help, he was not so active, source says. The matter was referred to high command, and once again, Eknath Shinde was advised to extend all help to Raj Thackeray, the source says. Now the matter got settled, and Raj Thackeray is in open campaigning for the BJP, source says.


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