• Monday, 13 May, 2024 11:25:PM

    The Mandi constituency has become the most important contest in the country source says. Kangana, a film actress, is contesting on the BJP ticket, and Vikramaditya Singh, son of ex-CM of Himachal Pradesh, Veerbhadra Singh, is on the Congress ticket, a source says. He is the son of the president of state Congress and also holds a ministerial seat in the state cabinet source says. Vikramaditya Singh is considered to ignite the feelings of dissenting colleagues in the cabinet and assembly source says. The cross-voting during the Rajya Sabha elections later expulsion of a few members from the Congress party and later the joining of the BJP by all those members a source says. The entire sequence was carefully crafted to topple the Congress ministry and install BJP government source says. The careful handling with iron hand has saved the situation in Sukkhu’s favour source says. The CM is not in favour of Vikramaditya Singh and wants to see him lose the election source says. Perhaps due to this, the entire local authorities and local leaders are not extending a supportive hand to Vikramaditya Singh, a source says. With this internal fight, the Congress party is likely to lose this crucial seat source says.


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