• Monday, 13 May, 2024 11:25:PM

    One young and dynamic leader of AAP is out of the country on the pretext of treatment source says. He met the son of one of the most prominent figures in the present government and tried to convince him after detailing reasons for staying abroad and requesting that he be not taken into the clutches of law on return and desired that he become an approver, source says. The son immediately contacted one senior lawyer of the country to enquire how this young leader of AAP could be helped source says. The intelligent lawyer replied that he was heading the entire department, where a lot of confusion, misleading documents and decisions by which the government has incurred huge losses, and he will have to answer all questions to clear the air and for that law enforcers will not accept him as an approver because he is the main accused perhaps source says. This might further delay the return of the leader to the country source says.


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