• Monday, 13 May, 2024 11:25:PM

    Pandian, the closest person of Navin Patnaik, tried his best and tried with supportive documents to convince the CM of Odisha to ally with the BJP, a source says. The top leadership of the BJP also tried. But based on the internal report received from the most trusted group to BJD, Navin Patnaik decided to contest alone source says. The report says that the alliance will help Congress gain at least 25% more source says. Navin Patnaik, despite all pressures, declined, the alliance source says. But the inside story is different from the projected one source says. It was perhaps decided that BJP will not disturb the candidates of BJD in state elections and BJD will not disturb BJP in the parliamentary elections source says. This is visible from the programs of top leaders of both parties, Navin Patnaik is not taking any meeting from where senior leaders of BJP are contesting for example, Sambit Patra, Dharmendra Pradhan, Jai Panda and others are contesting source says. The friendly fight will continue as the hidden agenda source says. if this works, the BJP is sure to bag 14 seats out of 21 seats in Odisha source says.


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