• Monday, 13 May, 2024 11:25:PM

     Priyanka Gandhi has decided to stay at Raibareli in a guest house run by the Rajiv Gandhi Trust source says. She came here on 6 May and only after 18 th May the last day for campaigning for the 5th phase voting on the 20th, will depart source says. She is campaigning for her brother Rahul Gandhi and most loyal to the Gandhi family, now candidate from Amethi, Kishori Lal Sharma source says. During her daily pad yatra, addressing not less than 25 meetings and interacting with voters by giving the old history of belongingness to the constituency, a source says. Her appeal and narration of how the family has sacrificed for the nation in the past creates a favourable atmosphere for both the candidates source says. Bhupesh Baghel, the ex-CM of Chattisgarh, has been appointed observer for the Raibareli constituency, and Ashok Gahlot, ex-CM of Madhya Pradesh, is an observer for Amethi, a source says.


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