• Monday, 13 May, 2024 11:25:PM

    BSP Supremo has changed the candidates from Jaunpur and Basti. Shri Kala, wife of Gangster cum politician Dhananjay Singh was given a ticket from Jaunpur, but later it was withdrawn, and Shyam Singh Yadav was nominated, source says. The sudden change astonished many political observers because she was sure to win but now the division in Yadav votes in Yadav-dominated areas will benefit the BJP source says. This will also affect the chances of the I.N.D.I.A. alliance candidate in the neighbouring Machlishahar constituency source says. Similarly, Dayashankar Mishra, who defected to BSP after not getting a ticket from BJP, was given a ticket from Basti, and he was leading during the campaigning, but abruptly, the ticket was withdrawn, and Lavkush Patel was finally given the ticket, source says. This change has also given the upper hand to the BJP in the constituency source says.


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