• Monday, 13 May, 2024 11:25:PM

    Sam Pitroda is considered a pioneer in bringing a revolution in telecommunications. He is very close to the Gandhi family and is always considered an important advisor to Rahul Gandhi source says. But during elections, he always creates problems for the Congress party and provides scope to opposition parties to criticise the Congress party source says. In 2019 a televised show said that to bring the poor to par with the middle economic group and guarantee a better life, the middle economic group should pay more taxes source must say. The statement has not gone well among the middle-income group and has lots of criticism, later sources say. At the same time, Pitroda said the 1984 incident happened, so the source says. He also said that during the last five years, the BJP has done nothing source says. Due to the Pulwama and Balakot terrorist incidents, all these statements have gone in the background and not much murmurings happened source says. The elections were fought on nationalism, and everyone wanted to condemn the terrorist attack with votes, and they did, a source says. But this time he is not so lucky, his statements are at the centre of the speeches of almost all star campaigners including the PM a source says. This time, Pitroda raised the issue of inheritance and later spoke on the colour of skin and similarities of the countrymen in different parts with foreign people’s spread over different countries, a source says. All these untimely remarks brought the Congress party on the back foot source says. Star campaigners of the ruling party labelled Pitroda as a racialist source says. The Congress party did not endorse the comments of Pitroda and kept aloof from the statements. Later, to be on safer ground, taken the resignation of Pitroda as President of the Indian Overseas Congress, a source says. Some say that it is a face-saving action till the elections, and later, he will again be given the charge, a source says.


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