• Monday, 20 May, 2024 11:35:PM

    Priyanka Gandhi has been camping at Raibareli since the 6th of this month and taking meetings of all parts of society source says. She claims that this land is the “Karmbhumi” of her family, a source says. At every corner, she stops and addresses with narration of the belongingness and commits that in future, the family, not only Raibareli but also Amethi source says. She also mentions the sacrifices of her family and says that the prime importance is to tackle unemployment, inflation and law and order situations, but the present government always skips these issues and rakes the issue of Ram mandir and other subjects, which is not that relevant for the development of the country source says. Priyanka Gandhi is getting lots of attention, and her words are being heard seriously, source says.


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