• Monday, 20 May, 2024 11:35:PM

    The absence of the CM of Bihar in all meetings and rallies undertaken by the PM in the state of Bihar has given wings to the rumour that Nitish Kumar will join Mahagathbandhan after elections source says. Nitish Kumar was also not present during the filing of nomination papers by the PM at Varanasi source says. The absence from the last rituals of his old friend Shushil Modi, who died due to prolonged diseases in Delhi and the body was brought for last rights in Patna source says. Tejaswi Yadav stated that his Chacha supports him even being away from Mahagathbandhan to dethrone the BJP from power from Delhi source says. Though both the Deputy CM were seen busy in preparation for the last rights the office of the CM issued a circular stating that due to ill health, all the programs will remain cancelled source says.BJP is confused and keeping a close watch on all moves, a source says.


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