• Monday, 20 May, 2024 11:35:PM

    The candidate of the BJP from the Hyderabad constituency is new to the local BJP workers. Everyone knows that the Hyderabad constituency is a bastion of Owaisi and his family source says. Even though the senior BJP party leaders were interested in contesting, Madhav Lata, attached to Viranchi Hospital, has been given a ticket by the high command source says. The hospital came to light when complaints were lodged that the hospital is charging exorbitantly for treatment during the Covid epidemic source says. State government conducted an inquiry, and many more disturbing skeletons came to light, a source says. She has adopted a new firebrand style of campaigning and sometimes aiming worship places of other communities, utters or passes some remarks that are not permissible under the code of conduct, a source says. In campaigning, she said that the state government, would remove the police force for some seconds, she will show the actual pictures source says. The verbal charges and countercharges are becoming more and more attacking, source says. Though she is trying hard to put forward a challenge before Owaisi, non cooperative attitude of party workers is making it difficult to convert the support into votes, a source says.


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