• Tuesday, 28 May, 2024 12:29:AM

    In the BJP-led government of Maharashtra Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister are not having very good relations these days source says. Ek Nath Shinde, CM was very busy in the elections of his son Shrikant, a candidate from the Kalyan constituency of BJP source says. He was not seen in the state or outside to campaign for the BJP source says. Similarly, Ajit Pawar, deputy chief minister in the Shinde ministry, is also not seen in the field after 20th May, the source says. The relations between the two leaders and with BJP leadership were apparent when, in a poster, photos of both the leaders were absent, and a photograph of the PM was on the whole poster with a photo of another deputy chief minister, Fadnavis, in a corner source says. This indicates that the top leadership of BJP is not happy with both leaders source says. It seems that the BJP, though banking on the Shinde group and Ajit Pawar group, is not sure about political benefits shortly after the elections, a source says.


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