• Tuesday, 28 May, 2024 12:29:AM

    The ex-MP and minister in the central government Jayant Sinha is much annoyed after getting notice from Aditya Sahoo for not participating in campaigning and skipping the voting on poll day source says. This letter was issued after the declaration of candidature of Manish Jaiswal from Hazaribagh Lok Sabha constituency source says. In reply, Jayant Sinha clarified that he is out of the country for some personal work, which has already been informed to the persons concerned and regarding voting before moving he has exercised the democratic rights through postal ballot source says. This is taking rounds that his son Asher has joined Congress party source says. The participation of Asher in a Congress rally has given the rumour a push source says. Though the grandfather Yashwant Sinha has denied what is going on inside and keeping in mind the treatments meted out to Jayant Sinha and Yashwant Sinha by BJP during the last few months, joining of Asher to Congress can not Brie ignored altogether source says.


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