• Tuesday, 28 May, 2024 12:29:AM

    It’s true that the BJP is not tired of and always remains in election mode or power-hungry mode source says. One of the top business families of the country and the family of Uddhav Thackeray have been very close for long source says. Perhaps after getting hints from the top the business family invited the Uddhav family for a dinner party with special instructions to bring Aditya also for family dinner source says. After an exchange of best wishes, the political discussions started, and the business tycoon said that it’s always better to move with wind directions and requested Uddhav to forget the past and sit with the top brass of BJP to patch up source says. It was also said that BJP is ready to make Aditya CM of Maharashtra, and Fadnavis will be taken to Delhi for central ministry, a source says. Uddhav politely replied that whatever the outcome of the elections he is not ready to reunite with the BJP a source says. With this conversation, it comes out that the BJP is quite sure of coming for the third time after restarting the toppling game with the opposition-ruled states source says.


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