• Tuesday, 28 May, 2024 12:29:AM

    The top leadership of BJP is known for surprises and initiating new ideas source says. B L Santosh drafted a letter addressed to almost 32 leaders, who are, for one or other reasons, annoyed with the party's high command, requesting that their services be most valuable for the party and they should participate in party affairs wholeheartedly, source says. A neatly typed letter reached the table of the party president for signature source says. Sensing that this letter would instead soothe the feelings and create further problems refused to sign and conveyed the matter to the higher authority source says. Immediately Santosh was summoned and told to restrict his activities as Organising Secretary and not to indulge in breaking activities source says. He was further advised that similar actions only brought the party in such a poor reflection in Karnataka source says.


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