• Tuesday, 28 May, 2024 12:29:AM

    Ex-CM is contesting from Karnal. He is facing tough challenges from young Buddhiraja. During campaigning, he reached Panipat where one old party worker approached him and said that Brahmins are being ignored and referred to one CD case of Ramesh Kaushik source says. He also said that by leaking the CD P, he has brought the standard of the party down source says. The CD was leaked during the tenure of Khattar and perhaps resulted in the loss of a ticket to Kaushik source says. Khattar promptly replied to the old worker that eight to nine CDs were brought to his notice and to save the party position and standard only one CD came to social media source says. He added that with these actions, he kept the standard of the party high and also saved the leader's reputation, source says.


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