• Tuesday, 28 May, 2024 12:29:AM

    The comparison between the 2019 and the 2024 elections of Amethi reveals that the tempo of the campaign never reached the high pitch of 2019 source says. In 2019, all leaders, big or small,l including the PM, HM and CM of U,P, participated in rallies and meetings to ensure the defeat of Rahul Gandhi, who ultimately lost the election by approximately 50,000 votes, according to a source. This time,e HM participated in one rall,y and the UP Chief Minister addressed two meeting, thes source says. All alone, the strong firebrand senior leader of BJP had to manage the campaign by herself with the help of local leaders source says. K L Sharma, the Congress candidate,e got the support of Priyanka Gandhi, a source says. She stayed for ten long days and addressed thousands of big and small meetings and gatherings at almost every corner of towns of the constituency source says. It seems the constituency lost its importance once Rahul Gandhi shifted to Raibareli, a source says. Though Rahul Gandhi shifted Smriti Irani continued to blame, criticised only and only Rahul Gandhi shifted almost in all her rallies, a meetings source says. The habit of criticising Rahul prevailed and she could not change the tone and subject source says. The reason for leaving her alone, one of the most important leaders of the BJP, is still a mystery, or seniors read the writings on the walls, a source says.


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