• Monday, 10 June, 2024 11:42:PM

    Nitish Kumar was offered a senior cabinet berth in the central cabinet by the PM when he met him on a day before results were declared source says. Kumar was asked to vacate and make room for a BJP leader to take up the leader position in the state cabinet source says. CM of Bihar assured to think it over and convey the decision source say. On the day of counting, the deputy CM, Samrat Chaudhary, visited his residence, but the CM did not find time to meet him, a source says. The situation has taken a U-turn, and BJP is to take the support of JD(U) to form government in the centre. Kumar is in the driving seat with 12 wins out of 16 contested, which has a better strike rate than BJP, which is 12 out of 17 contested source says. Representatives of JD (U) are now in government, and Kumar is still holding the front at Patna, a source says.


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