• Monday, 10 June, 2024 11:42:PM

    The outcome of the parliamentary elections was not as good as expected by BJP. With 240 seats in the parliament, the BJP needed a minimum of 32 seats for the majority and form the government source says. The need to revive the NDA was felt and pre-election alliance parties were taken into confidence to form government source says. JD(U) and TDP won 16 and 12 seats, respectively, and their support was very crucial to form the government, source says. Chandrababu Naidu and Nitish Kumar belong to the Atal era and almost all other senior leaders of that era in the BJP are no longer in active politics except Rajnath Singh source says. Rajnath Singh was sounded for all negotiations and, with his best calibre and good relations with leaders of the alliance, managed all difficult situations, and the NDA 3 is in reality, a source says. The impotence and standing of Rajnath Singh will surely go up in the functioning of government in the coming days also source says.


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