• Monday, 10 June, 2024 11:42:PM

    Nitish Kumar is seen as very composed and comforted from the outside but is very cautious about saving his member of parliament from Operation Lotus, the source, says. Going by experience JD (U) leaders are taking every step after calculating pros and cons only source says. To avoid coming into the trap of the BJP by the MPs, two very confidents have been placed to remain in touch and check all movements by Nitish Kumar, a source says. It was rumoured that BJP asked for the resignation from Nitish Kumar and was taking rounds on 1st June, but after the results, it has been put to cold storage, and all efforts are to woo the JD(U) started, source says.  Initially, a senior position in the cabinet was offered by the top leadership to Nitish Kumar, but later on, he demanded a Speaker position in the parliament. Everyone was shocked, and there was no reply afterwards, the source says. Nitish Kumar is aware of these tactics and perhaps talked to the TDP chief in detail and decided on demands to put the government in check source says.  Both have already decided and forwarded their demand probably the post of Speaker to put a bar on the moves of BJP like Operation Lotus source says. If the Speaker is from JD(U) or TDP, the BJP will not be able to complete the operations to increase their strength, source says. NDA 3 is formed, let’s wait for some time to see the demand of these supporting parties not to post their PS by PMO, no file to go for PMO for scrutiny before deciding any work about their respective ministry and free hand to manage the work as per the policy decided without any interference from PMO are met or still PMO to take all decisions as was taken in NDA 2  source says


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