• Tuesday, 02 July, 2024 03:20:PM

    Congress party has the support of the public, but its senior party functionaries are working on behalf of the other party directions, damaging party prospects purposely, source says. Simple party workers, though, complain, but their voices are not heard, resulting in losses as happened in Odisha recently, the source says. It is known to even ordinary workers that the state party president was a nominee of Pandian and most probably worked for the loss of the party source says. The selection of candidates was not appreciated by any, but the high command kept mum because, in the absence of a strong party setup, the high command had to accept the views of the state president, a source says. Likewise, the state president of Bihar is also said to be the nominee of Lalu Yadav, the source says. It is said that two forms B of prominent leaders were wrongly signed, which could have resulted in the rejection of the nomination source says. Tarique Anwar and Javed, both winners, could file the correct papers when a special helicopter had to take a rightly signed paper to the respective place to submit timely source says. Unless the high command takes these things seriously and takes action and puts loyal leaders to function in states, it would be highly unlikely that Congress will do better in the coming days source says.


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