• Tuesday, 02 July, 2024 03:20:PM

    The victory of Chandrasekhar from the Nagina constituency is perhaps a signal that Bahan ji is losing the support of her staunch supporters source says. It seems that Dalit votes are now divided into three parties source says. BSP, I.N.D.I.A and Chandrasekhar's source says. BSP still has a 9.6% share, but the inaction of the Supreme Court has affected the party's prospects, a source says. The announcement as political heir to Aakash Anand by Bahan ji was taken back all of a sudden in between the campaigning source says. But now the decision has been taken back, and Aakash Anand has been reinstated, a source says. This has been necessitated perhaps due to the rise of Chandrasekhar source says. Aakash Anand was doing well, but the points raised during campaigning were perhaps not liked by some other party bigwigs, and Bahan Ji had to remove him from all posts, including her political heir position, a source says. This clearly shows the alignment, though never announced source says. The re-induction of Aakash Anand is likely to help the BJP in the long run, a source says.


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