• Tuesday, 02 July, 2024 03:20:PM

    BJD lost all the parliamentary seats in Odisha. The party remained supportive of all the parliamentary decisions the BJP took in the previous parliament source says. Naveen Patnaik stood like a rock with his party in all moves, the BJP leadership source says. As is popularly known in the political circles the BJP eats away all its supporting regional parties, this time also the same thing happened, when the party lost the assembly elections source says. BJD is out of power in the state and also no member in the Lok Sabha source says. Now, Naveen Patnaik has said that all his nine Rajya Sabha members will support the opposition party and oppose the government, a source says. The BJP is not in the majority in the Rajya Sabha and needs help from supporters to get bills cleared source says. Under the prevailing circumstances, the BJP will have to make new friends for Rajya Sabha source says. 


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