• Tuesday, 02 July, 2024 03:20:PM

    The new parliament is in session, all the members of parliament are in Delhi but most of them are without their official accommodation source says. Somehow few are adjusted in guest houses, state houses and hotels for the time being source says. This time, 280 new MPs reached parliament, so a similar number will have to vacate the officially allotted houses, a source says. This is a task before the Ministry of Urban Development and Directorate of Estates source says. 37 new ministers are also to be accommodated as per their seniority, the ex-ministers, like Smriti Irani, Chandrasekhar to be asked to vacate the bungalow, and some members of parliament, though they won the elections but not accommodated in the ministry like Rupala, to be provided suitable accommodation source says. Virtually throwing belongings of Ajit Singh on the road from the bungalow occupied by him after the rejection of his plea to convert the bungalow as a memoir in remembrance of his father, ex-PM Charan Singh, is still in the memory of people, source says. Let’s hope that BJP instructs their party representatives who lost the election to vacate the occupied houses soon but what will happen to the leaders of other parties not returned to parliament this time source says.


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