• Monday, 08 July, 2024 03:16:PM

    The defeat in UP as said is due to the non-supportive attitude of Yogi, a general complaint by the BJP leaders and also leaders of alliance partners source says. Yogi knows well that these allegations are only on directions from top leaders of the BJP source says. The poor performance as said is due to many reasons and due to poor selection of candidates and wrong caste calculations but the party is not ready to accept the arguments forwarded by Yogi supporters source says. The training camp of RSS was planned earlier to be held at Gorakhpur and organisers also hinted to the CM that the RSS chief is coming to address the participants and would like to meet him source says. Despite the presence in the town, both could not meet source says. But the media declared that a meeting took place and even hinted about the matter which was discussed source says. The cancellation of the meeting between two started taking the wrong direction and the scope increased for rumors the organisers announced that in such training camp trips RSS Chief avoids any political meetings but later a long discussion was arranged over the phone between the two to put a stop over rumours sources says.


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