• Monday, 08 July, 2024 03:28:PM

    In politics there is no permanent friend or enemy, all depends on the circumstances and power game. The CM of Andhra Pradesh after extending crucial support to the BJP under the umbrella of NDA to form government reached New Delhi last week with a long list of demands source says. He met almost all the important ministers including the PM to put forward his list to all a source says. He met Arvind Pangadhiya, the Niti Ayog  Chief to put forward his ambitious projects including making Amravati the state capital and developing on the lines of Singapore source says. Rajnath Singh was very courteous to receive him at his door and Amit Shah invited him to his residence for discussions source says. It is learnt that for the completion of one irrigation project, he has demanded eleven thousand crores and for the state capital asked for fifteen thousand crores as the first instalment source says. In addition, Metro for Amravati, and direct railway links to Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai are also listed in the demand letter source says. Chandrababu Naidu knows that this is the right time to extract money from the central government to complete his plan for the state source says. Perhaps six months have been given to the central government to transfer requirements source says. 


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