• Monday, 08 July, 2024 03:37:PM

    After many theories, ultimately Rahul Gandhi became the new Leader of the Opposition after many years source says. Just after taking over his activities show that he has not accepted the position for name shake but seriously discharging duties as the LoP source says. This was abundantly clear when he spoke to Mamta Banerjee seeking her support for K Suresh as Speaker of the Lok Sabha source says. The relations between these two never remained soothed and Mamta Banerjee never gave him positive remarks though her relationship with Sonia Gandhi always remained very cordial source says.  Rahul Gandhi always preferred to speak to Abhishek Banerjee on all political matters. Rahul Gandhi and Mamta Banerjee never talked directly on any political issues and alway Sonia Gandhi always worked as a bridge source says. For the first time Rahul spoke to her and apologetic for not consulting TMC before announcing the name of Suresh for the Speaker position source says. He explained the circumstances and on return, Mamta Didi instructed her party men to support the candidature of Suresh source says. The melting of ice between the two leaders will surely reflect on the seat sharing during assembly elections of 2026 and also in the parliament in the coming days source says.


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