• suresh Mandan

    Most of your political reports are outstanding and show future trends,some on UP mainly recent ones lack depth and research. Your report on BSP SP were the examples
  • A k Sharma

    Good initiative taken by IB and MHA. This is unfortunate that services of Civil wing are not adequately taken by SSB.

    Mrs.Nuzhat Hassan is a very good and a very responsible women ips officer. and she should work in capital of India Delhi again. she can do more good according to her post in Delhi. thank you.
  • Dr.Mrinmayee Ravindra Daswant

    Abhi shree's performance was a grand and brilliant display of grace, passion and, beautiful expressions ! The performance was an outstanding example of dedication, determination,and deligent work from Abhishree! The Varanam section was the cherry on the cake which took everyone 's breath away.Thank you Abhishree for the stupendous performance! Would really like to take this opportunity to congratulate the proud parents! And would like to watch Abhishree giving away more in the coming future!
  • Surinder Kumar Khullar

    Excellent site. Very informative and correct. Before reading newspaper in the morning, I go through news in the witnessincorridors and convey my best wishes to old friends in the bureaucracy. Very useful to all types of bureau rats in the country especially to retired people like me. Keep it up boss.

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