• Monday, 04 June, 2018 11:03:AM

    Former President has accepted invitation of RSS to address "TRITIYA VARG PRASIKCHAD" participants. This is quite an important "varg"  for any pracharak, because after this they complete the cycle of PRASIKCHAD. Every year, this VARG is held at HQ and always one eminent personality addresses.

    Known followers of Congress philosophy from Nehru era and the close confidante of Late Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi, this time invited P Mukherjee, and he accepted the invitation, which is a major change in the approach of RSS. It sends a message that they (RSS) believe in humanity and service to the country and any one following this path is acceptable. This is a major blow to present Congress Chief, who never misses a chance to criticise RSS and its policy. Seems P Mukherjee, by accepting invitation, has also given a message to Congress and its leaders to not to react, but should also appreciate good things done by RSS. P Mukherjee and RSS chief, as sources say, are very close and that they are meeting often on lunch or for any occasion to exchange views, so attending this meet is no surprise, but a lesson.. Don't you think so?


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