• Monday, 09 July, 2018 11:11:AM

    After humiliating defeat in state elections of UP, Samajwadi Party seems to have realised the basic reasons for defeat and started patching up with the family members. Shivgopal Yadav is seen receiving Ramgopal ji and the communication is taking place between all members. Akhilesh Yadav, former Chief Minister of UP, (as sources say) has also started taking advices from all his seniors not only depending on the Professor.
    SP is trying best to bag as many as seats in 2019 Lok Sabha election to put pressure on the opposition parties to have a hefty share, if it happens to form government. Considering this, Prof Ramgopal ji is exploring possibilities to contest from Shravasti, which is situated between Pratapgarh and Kausambi district. Presently, this newly created constituency is being represented by Daddan Singh of BJP. It will be difficult to say anything about the future, but it seems that the opposition parties are in no mood to leave any stone unturned?


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