• Monday, 06 August, 2018 11:03:AM

    Our country is heading for next parliamentary election in early 2019, but in the political circles, everybody is guessing, whether it will be as scheduled or will be preponed. If any signals have been decoded, it is the Pravasi Sammelan, which was originally scheduled for 9th January, is postponed to 21/23 January 2019 with the change in venue to Varanasi. Sources say the PM program of Varanasi was fixed earlier and probably, his stay will be utilised for the inauguration of Sammelan. It is understood from the sources that after Sammelan delegates will be brought to Delhi for meeting with President Trump, he is likely to attend Republic day celebrations on 26th.

    The PM has, probably, desired to make use of the presence of Pravasies and the President in favour of the party. If so, the elections are likely to be preponed to February. But the only problems managers face is that for February elections, the Aachar Sanhita will have to be enforced from the middle of December and then the mega event of Pravasi Sammelan, which will be difficult to organize. However, anything can happen in the present scenario, when the government can change the date of Sammelan from 9th January, fixed because only on 9th January Mahatma Gandhi ji returned to the country from South Africa, any date can be managed.


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