• Monday, 08 October, 2018 11:46:AM

    Nitish Kumar is probably aware of what is going on in BJP, and about his government. PK, a Brahmin, has been taken into party fold by Nitish, considering a sure bet to attract upper cast votes, and PK, leaving all his work and assignments whole heartly working for party. Sources also say, Kumar see in him his future.  PK, as per his past experience tried to contact and become bridge between RJD and JD(U) but  Tejaswi, political heir of Lalu Ji, had straight away rejected offers off or to form next government. and in this case his name will be projected as next CM. Lalu, when approached, said straightway that his interference in party affairs is almost nil and Tejaswi Yadav will not have any truck with Nitish Kumar considering past experience. Taking advantage of his old association with  Rahul Gandhi, PK approached him with a proposal that Nitish Kumar is ready to merge with Congress and in this event Congress will have more than 100 MLA after many years. Rahul, sources say, immediately called Tejaswi, who out rightly rejected the proposal. The failure at both the front definitely shaken confidence of Nitish Kumar, but they are still trying to bring back every thing under his control and also control  R C P Singh's dissident voice. It is a very fluent situation in Bihar.



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