• Monday, 08 October, 2018 11:47:AM

    Telangana CM is a firm believer of Jyotishi and Numerology and based on that he considers Six as his lucky number. This was the reason to dissolve the state Assembly on 6th September and also the timing of taking the oath is on 2nd June at 12.57, which totals to 15 = 1+5=6. His mobile, car and even Bungalow number is 6. Even, he took an oath at the age of 60 years again total 6+0=6, when he took an oath for the first time. Sources say, he was expecting that elections will be held on 6th but the Election Commission has declared 8th as the official date. He is perturbed. But honestly, he's working hard to retain power because his advisors said he will be getting around 78 seats out of 119. This 78 is much more than the magic number. Not sure though, what will happen by missing magic charming number?




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