• Monday, 08 October, 2018 11:47:AM

    Kisaan march was stopped at entry points of Delhi. To resist their entry Delhi Police charged them with cane, water, tear gas cells and other measures. Kisaan leaders never expected such resistance from the government because of their peaceful march and  disciplined agitation. 

    They were stopped forcibly on the borders and were not allowed to move in, but one phone call from one senior minister to Kisaan leadership at midnight changed the entire scenario and Kisaan were allowed to enter not only Delhi, but also government agreed to their 7 points out of 10 points. Sources say, this all happened after the flash of confirmed message from Vardha, where Congress party leaderships were engaged in one of the serious meetings, that after the meeting Rahul Gandhi will straight go to the meeting place and sympathize with the movement. 

    Government and Kisaan leadership were aware that once President of Congress reaches to the spot the entire move will be hijacked by the Congress party and both were of opinion to not to allow to take credit by Congress party. 

    To avoid the visit of Rahul Gandhi, government allowed Kisaan to enter and also agreed upon implementation of demands. Sources say, government realized that certain mistakes have been done by policy makers.



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