• Monday, 05 November, 2018 12:04:PM

    Rahul Gandhi is facing many challenges as the President of Congress party. The most important effort is to reunite party cadre and leaders, who have a deserted party at one or other point during the last 20 years. Challenges are ahead, BJP has gained strength under the able leadership of Modi. Expectations of the public are very high, but sources say that in spite of infighting in a party and divided cadre, Rahul Gandhi is trying to infuse new energy. And in the same stream for 2019 elections, a group of 200 people has been selected by the leadership to go through all the suggestions invited by the party from party cadre and public general to draft manifesto for the party. The group so created is full with experienced and experts from all walks of life. This group will prepare a draft. BJP, as sources say, is perturbed with this new phenomenon and will soon come out with a similar plan to counter.


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