• Monday, 03 December, 2018 10:13:AM

    Raja Bhaiya, a well known strongman of eastern UP and a committed politician, has always contested election as an independent candidate for many years and always cleared seat for himself. In most of the government, considering his clout, occupied chair of Minister also. Probably with the passing days, he also felt that his clout is fading away, and unless he chooses at one point to support or oppose his political life is likely to get affected. Recent SC and ST reservation and government’s stand after the verdict of court has given him opportunity to grab the issue. By floating new outfit of political party and in the first conclave, sources say, he has projected himself as the only sympathisers of upper cast to fight for rights of upper cast. Sources say that the strength it self indicated his clout and public support for the cause. If this continues, RAJA BHAIYA will emerge the only champion of upper cast causes?


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