• Monday, 03 December, 2018 10:13:AM

    Too much of hype was created for Mahagathbandhan of the opposition parties, but nothing has come out on ground as realty. Though some small adjustments were made to contest elections but that too with many ifs and buts. Voters and public in general, are still confused and feel cheated with these ideas.

    Sources say, coming to command platform by different parties leaving their respective interests at large is difficult; moreover, the swords are hanging on a majority of leaders of law and order agencies also affected unity moves, they failed to arrive at any common agenda to put forth, but recent farmers’ agitation and strength shown by the opposition party during agitation, and the presence of all most all parties on dais, probably, has given one point agenda of farmers to challenge ruling party and their card of Hinduttwa, Ram Mandir etc. Sources say, some promoters of Mahagathbandhan idea feels that by promoting the cause of farmers not only they will be able to counter attacks but will also gain sympathy of public in general to challenge ruling party.


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