• Monday, 03 December, 2018 10:13:AM

           BJP, after its formation, has always tried to look alongside Hindu religion. From Rathyatra to the destruction of structures and latter shouting of RAM MANDIR slogan for reconstruction. Sources say, playing with religious sentiments of majority community seems to have reached the power. Expectations are much from the top brass, but till date not even a single commitment is fulfilled. Be it about the removal of Article 370, scrapping of 35A, construction of temple and many. Till recently, none were seen playing majority sentiments and all other parties never failed to show themselves with secularism. 

    Field was open and BJP played as they desired, but shifting of policy of seen secularism by the Congress is quite evident. Leaders of the party do not hesitate to visit temples in open. Announcing Gotra seems like snatching Hinduttwa card from the so-called sole representative. Immediate coming on air to denounce visits of temples, announcement of Gotra and passing critical remarks by none other than most senior party functionaries and minister itself speaks that the changed approach is hurting much to the ruling party. Isn’t it?


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