• Monday, 03 December, 2018 10:13:AM

    Mamta Banerjee is sulking over Sonia Gandhi, over the fact that Ms. Gandhi accepted DMK’s invitation for the inauguration of M Karunanidhi’s idol. On the other hand, Ms. Gandhi hasn’t given any reaction or hint of her availability in Kolkata in the next month for participating in a rally.

    On 16 December, 2018, Karunanidhi’s idol will be inaugurated during which a program will be showcased where the opposition’s strength will also be showcased. Didi is also planning to do something in this line. On 19th January, 2019, the opposition will again showcase its strength during a programme where a lot of politicians will also be present. Many have already given confirmations, and at the same time, nothing has been heard of and from Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. 

    Ms. Banerjee is so furious over this matter that a possibility seems to crop up that she might be absent during DMK’s programme.



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