• Monday, 31 December, 2018 11:31:AM

    Rahul Gandhi had invited India’s former Prime Minister Sardar Manmohan Singh prior to the elections of the five states to have an in-depth discussion about the same and even requested him to lead the rallies in Madhya Pradesh. However, due to his ill health Manmohan Singh denied if travelling anywhere out of Delhi. After the election results were out, and Congress was looking up for sunshine, Rahul Gandhi invited Manmohan Singh again. Until then, Akhilesh’s statement of considering and accepting Rahul Gandhi as Prime Ministerial candidate. As a counter solution to this resistance, Rahul Gandhi discussed with Manmohan Singh and told him to be ready to be the PM for the third time in case he (as in Rahul) doesn’t get the collective support and consent for being the Prime Ministerial candidate. He assured Manmohan Singh of Gandhi family’s complete support. Rahul Gandhi further explained that all he (MM Singh) needs to do is keep a watch on the areas falling under the rule of other parties; stay in touch with them; visit the capital cities of the states; have lunch and dinner with popular politicians and so on- so as to create a pro-Congress environment. Manmohan Singh understood the entire game, and since he has been now speaking, at least breaking the silence, he mentioned that he has been unwell, plus he’ll be busy for “Jan Sampark.


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