• Monday, 07 January, 2019 11:27:AM

    The victory in three states seems to have encouraged Congress party leadership to keep alive the Rafale case at least up to next parliament elections. BJP was utter sure that no corruption charges will hit this government, but in spite of this all publicity of providing clean government Raffle hit party to the maximum extent. Rahul Gandhi and his team tasted victory and want to keep alive the issue. After more than tow hours passed by, a reply by the Defence Minister, as sources say, issue is not settled and more over the act of leader after responding debate kept issue alive on the social media and in TV debates. Sources also feel that the saying of Defence Minister that Bofors ruined Congress, but Rafale will provide a new lease of life to BJP should not get reversed and that BJP does not go on same way as Congress has, in the past.


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