• Monday, 04 March, 2019 02:32:PM

    Abhinandan's release from the Pakistan's captivity has lessened many wrinkles from the people's forehead. Sources say that during the second day of Surgical Strike i.e. on Wednesday when IAF wing commander Abhinandan was captured, PM Modi had a discussion with Donald Trump at around 9 p.m. Modi clearly mentioned that since USA has been taking stand against terrorism, he has been constantly warning Trump about Pakistan's movement, including the elaborated reports about Pulwama attack. Modi also clearly specified that he this time India won't take a back foot in reverting Pakistan. India is well equipped and firm to show Paksitan it's strength, further he went on to mention that if Pakistan doesn't release Abhinandan then it will release a ballistic missile on Bahawalpur. Based on this, Trump asked Modi to wait a while, till he discusses the issue with Pakistan PM  Imran Khan. After having a word with Trump, Imran Khan agreed to release Abhinandan and made a call to Modi to say this, but Modi didn't pick up the call. Then with Saudi Arabia Prince Salman's interference a fruitful conclusion came up.


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