• Monday, 11 March, 2019 10:45:AM

    Not Rahul Gandhi, Ms. Shiela Dikshit has announced a cut off from the AAP. However, Arvind Kejriwal is guessing that Rahul might turn Ms. Dikshit's decision up side down at the critical moment. In reality, conflicting issues have had begun during teh time of Ajay Kaakan, when he was looking after Delhi Congress. Before handing over his charge to Ms. Dikshit, Makaan had conducted a survey to analyze the  stability and impacts of Congress battles alone in Delhi. The survey results stated that both AAP and Congress can win only if they battle in elections together, not as individual parties. In fact a survey conducted by AAP seconds this conclusion. When Makaan went to Rahul with this survey report, Ms. Dikshit, who was also present there opposed it and this resulted in a conflict that caught fire to an extent that Rahul had to come in between for resolving it. In fact, Makaan became so furious over her that he even asked her, "If Delhi has really good winning prospects for elections, then why don't you get your son Sandip Dikshit contest from here? Why have you sent him to Bhopal for contesting elections from there?" It is expected that as an answer these questions, Rahul may come up with some big decisions.


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