• Monday, 11 March, 2019 10:45:AM

    The country is facing ATANKWAD for the last many years. Efforts to curb are going on but support from outside the country limits efforts and attacks on security forces continues. The brave soldiers in spite of hostile terrain are conducting searches and eliminating hostile elements. Recently an attack on CRPF convoy resulted in casualties. A planned and meticulously designed move of terrorists brought the entire country in anger. The concern for the brave soldiers brought a wave of nationalism in each mind. Every started demanding action and government seriously challenged terrorist outfits and people behind such cowardly act. Now it will be difficult for foreign elements to disturb the peace of the country and if they dare to, they will have to be ready for befitting reply and to be crushed for zero. The national belongingness and care for the country are seen after many years, sources say.


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