• Monday, 15 April, 2019 11:41:AM

    The under current against present leadership of BJP is getting stronger and stronger. So-called Margdarshak Mandal never resumed it's responsibilities, and for complete five years remained as a show piece. Some of them are now not given party tickets to contest on one or other pretext. Though octogenarian leaders  never openly aired their grievances, but the sources say that the rift between  them and group of new generation leaders have reached to a point to affect party prospects in this general elections. Party workers are aghast with the way these senior leaders have been side-lined and feeling has gone to down that hunger of  present leadership for power is so that they almost denied all norms and decency towards seniors responsible to bring the party to this stage. Sources say that the tussle between two likely to result that next PM said to be selected by them only and if this happens chances of continuance of present leadership will be bleak?


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