• Monday, 13 May, 2019 11:32:AM

    Sixth round of voting for the Parliament is over and sources say that clash between RSS- BJP ideology followers and supporters of individuality, especially of PM, who never get tired in telling BJP is Modi and Modi is BJP has taken a toll. The promoters of this policy approach and deadly against to the “Vyaktiwad” and “Vanshwad,” are mesmerized with the present goings in the party and entire ideological change that is centric to individuals. The BJP approach as decided by their founders was just the opposite to the present line of action as adopted in the present campaigning. Probably, the formation of different party was only to oppose the dynasty type rule in the political party. These founders are stunned with the changed approach, and probably, this is the reason of lack-luster approach of RSS and BJP cadre in campaigning. The clashes in the two different approaches; and for BJP it has affected the chances to repeat last performance. Sources say it was possible to repeat last performance, but changed approach should have been thought earlier before.



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