• Monday, 10 June, 2019 11:02:AM

    Amit Shah has evolved as the rising star during this election. Even if his tenure was getting over I January 2019, yet his tenure was extended until the elections got over. And now, he has evolved as the new star of BJP overshadowing other ministers of BJP. His work and charm has shone and continuing to shine so much so that books could be written on him, and movies could be made about him. Sources say that a biopic is in the pipeline for Shah. In fact, it will serves as the basis of a movie. Anyway, biopic movies are in these days. This years a lot of biopics have been released though they didn’t taste success in the box office. Ram Gopal Verma’s movie citing political scenario in South, which had Rana Daggubati and Vidya Balan in the leading role. However, that movie disappointed Chandrababu Naidu. It was released only in Telangana, where Naidu’s party lost with a clean sweep. There has been a biopic on Jaggan Mohan Reddy’s father YSR Reddy’s life, which brought back the memories of Raj Shekhar Reddy. Election commission had banned the movie, “Baaghin,” a biopic on Mamta Banerjee. In case you are not aware, a biopic on Rahul Gandhi is also in the pipeline, which is thereby the title, “My Name is Raga.” Considering the trends of biopics, it is believed that Shah and Modi’s biopic will take the form. Shah’s biopic is expected to hit the box office in a month or two.


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