• Monday, 08 July, 2019 11:56:AM

    Newly elected Rajya Sabha sansad and a BJP member from Odisha, Ashwini Vaishnav will be bridging the gap between Modi and Naveen Patnaik. Vaishnav is an IPS officer of Odisha cadre. Vaishnav reached Rajya Sabha with the help of BJD. Considering the influence that BJD has in Odisha, the party could have easily won this seat, but it left it for him. Patnaik didn’t do it for BJP, but for Vaishnav. Both Patnaik and Vaishnav have worked together for a long time. In fact during 1999 super cyclone, Vaishnav met the then PM of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee and tried to pull his attention towards the worst affected regions/ districts of Odisha. Vaishnav was the Jila Adhikari of the worst affected districts of the state. Through this chance, he tried pitching for the relief and punah-awaas (resettlement) of the cyclone victims. This made Vajpayee wan to visit Odisha, but somehow it didn’t happen. Vaishnav had also created a good relation with the then CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi. After Vajpayee lost in 2004 elections and took an exile from the politics, Vaishnav went to Wharton, USA. After some time, he returned India with an objective of establishing a start-up in his own region, and also since his both the ideal persons Patnaik and Modi were in good and powerful position. Funnily though, PM of India, Narendra Modi only requested Patnaik to shelve out one seat for BJP, indicating that a lot of things happen behind the political curtains and in the industry.


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