• Monday, 08 July, 2019 11:56:AM

    Quite lately, Rahul Gandhi has been meeting with the party leaders and his confidantes to map a road ahead for the party. Recently, he had invited his confidantes for dinner at his home, and Gaurav Gogoi, Assam’s youth leader was also there, who helped him in planning a new route. During this discussion, Jyotimani showed concerns about Rahul leaving the party, to which Rahul mentioned that he isn’t going anywhere; however, he is going to work day and night for the party. Meanwhile, he also mentioned that whenever there has been a victory of the party then senior leaders have been on the forefront to take the credits, and whenever the party loses, it becomes solely his fault. Seems Rahul is disappointed with his party leaders’ behaviour, but the best part is that he is at least is trying to bring up some constructive changes.


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