• Monday, 22 July, 2019 11:19:AM

    Once again when the Congress party needs a lot of help, Rahul Gandhi seems to have taken a flight to the USA. Well, he has gone there to meet his political guru Sam Pitroda and discuss a few affairs. Rahul Gandhi considers Pitroda as his guru who lights the path for his political career; hence along with some people more he has deemed it necessary to consult him for guidance. They might also discuss about Rahul Gandhi’s “padyatra”. However, before Rahul Gandhi could launch his action plan and implement it, the party will have to accept his resignation in grain. And for this to happen, until he returns from his trip, nothing substantial can be worked out including committee meeting for this. Meanwhile, Sonia Gandhi seems to have become proactive. She has been actively guiding solution-makers in resolving the Karnataka crisis. 


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