• Monday, 22 July, 2019 11:19:AM

    While the by-elections in Uttar Pradesh are nearing, BJP has been preparing for the 2022 election. For this, it is targeting to anchor on three major issues: Hinduttva, regionalism and nationalism. The party doesn’t want to lose the pace of the issues related to nationalism, which will also stay as an issue in the Rajya Sabha. CM Yogi ji is steering the ship to achieve West UP’s vote bank for backward classes, and targeting Dalit backward classes at the same time. Why West UP? Actually, during Lok Sabha elections, BJP had lost 7 of 14 seats there. After analysing the issues, the party came to know that it was due to Dalit-Muslim association and the some support from the backward classes. The loss was also due to not appointing Gurjars as ministers. Hence, now BJP is trying to bring all these issues together and address them in this trio-pact agenda.


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